Tractor Cover


Will cover the tractor with any implement on


Disc Harrow

​  $929.00

This unit will chew through that packed and crusted soil with ease. It's serrated blades incorporate last years foliage turning it into this years fertilizer. 

Front Bumper (currently out of stock)

  call for pricing

If your tractor is getting pretty light in the front during heavy field work you may want to add this accessory. Our front bumper doubles as a weight rack keeping you going strong even when working hard. ** Will fit any Tuff-bilt tractor prior to 2019.

48'' Grader Blade


Tired of your tractor blade just floating over problem spots? With Tuff-bilt's 3-point down pressure this combo is nearly a mini road grader. Whether you're maintaining a driveway or landscaping this blade makes for "smooth" sailing.

Finger Weeder(belly Mounted) 2 row
$2,399.00 (4' toolbar included)

Tuff-bilt Tractors Manufacturing, Inc. is an authorized dealer from Sutton AG to sell the Finger Weeder. We can make it adaptable for our 4 or 6 ft toolbar.

1 row$1,599.00 (4' toolbar included)

3 row$3,19900 (6' toolbar included)

Currently unavailable

 6 foot square toolbar

  $459.00This is a 2" square toolbar that can mount front (under the belly) or rear on the 3-point lifts, allowing you to mount aftermarket tillage equipment to your Tuff-bilt tractor. Available in 4 or 6 foot

4 foot square toolbar$379.00

**NOTE: The 6ft and 4ft  toolbar will not work with the Clean Seeder Planter under the belly of the tractor.

Mulch Applicator

  ​call for pricing

For easier management in your produce operation try our mulch applicator and do away with weeds for good. Drip tape holder included in price.   


​  $595.00

Let Tuff-bilt make your beds for you! Used with our hiller attachment on the front this attachment will prepare your seed beds in one pass. With its easy hookup you will quickly realize the efficiency this attachment will add to your operation. Makes a 30" bed

540 Gearbox PTO

Hiller Disc with Toolbar


 A must for produce. Use either by itself or with the bedder for 1-pass bed preparation. Mounts front or back on the tractor.

***If you already have the rear toolbar you can buy just the Hiller Kit for $259.00

If you would like to purchase Tuff-bilt implements please contact

Can't find the Implement you are looking for? Our design team will gladly custom design an Implement for you.

Stabilizer bar


Use either in the front or rear

60'' Mower Deck w/Mower PTO

​  call for pricing

Big yard? Grassy side hills? The Mower deck turns your tractor into an acreage management machine. It's high visibility and virtually zero turning radius make even the tight places a breeze.

**Note**  Not available for diesel tractor.

Planter Tool Bar for Clean Seeder Planters AP and TP
48"     $579.00        72"  $649.00

Tool bar specially designed to work with the Clean Seeder Planters and Tuff-bilt Tractor.

Front Bumper Weight


Mounted on our front bumper these weights will help with steering control during heavy field work.

Currently unavailable

Side Dresser

​  call for pricing

If you like big vegetables like we do then your gonna want this implement. Our side dress unit allows fertilization without tying up your lift arms making incorporating fertilizer a snap. 

The side dresser is stainless steel and comes with everything needed to attach it to your Tuff-bilt tractor.

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Currently unavailable

Root Rake

$472.00 discount price $250.00

Tuff-bilt has decided to discontinue the Root Rake and Tuff-bilt only has 6 left in stock. The Root Rake will only work on tractors made prior to 2016.

4' Rear Toolbar W/ Sweeps


What's the biggest problem with cultivating today? COMPACTION! With this attachment compaction is no more. It's sweeps whisk away tire tracks and the crop loss that they bring. ***rear toolbar and or sweep can also be purchased separately.

6' Rear Toolbar W/ Sweeps $629.00

Tuff-bilt Tractor Implements

Currently unavailable



Got a little wagon to pull? Use Tuff-bilt's Drawbar to pull around your wagons and carts.

Clean Seeder TP planter w/ 4' toolbar

​  $1,589.00

This planter will allow you to plant your bigger seeds. Attach 1-3 planters onto the toolbar at once. Each planter comes with 1 seed plate.

**AdditionalPlanter  $930.00
**AdditionalSeed Plate$36.00
**Upgrade6 foot toolbar $56.00

26'' Disc Plow

​  $949.00

Who ever heard of a little tractor plowing? With Tuff-bilt's disc plow it can be done. This implement will turn sod, cut roots, and excavate rocks with ease and precision. The disc plow really makes Tuff-bilt the little tractor that can.

Stabilizer Kit

    ​call for pircing

Includes the front and rear stabilizer also the plug for the rear stabilizer

4' S-tine Cultivator

​   $599.00

For your light cultivation needs try our S-tine unit. It's 6 sweeps easily rip surface crust and small weeds without the aggression of the c-tine. Easy adjustment and attachment make this front or rear mount implement one that anyone can run.

  6' S-tine Cultivator $659.00



This drawbar slides into the frame rails of the Tuff-bilt.

**Receiver Hitch not included.

C-tine Cultivator


This belly mount cultivator's high visibility makes "oops" a thing of the past. It's adjustable 6 tines "sweep" away those pesky weeds with ease. Don't get stuck on the wrong end of a hoe make this unit yours and your back will thank you. 

Middle Buster (adjustable)


Let Tuff-bilt take the hard work out of harvesting patatos. The middle buster is an ideal potato and or making a furrow.

25 gal. Sprayer with 5ft Boom

​  ​$735.00

The days of lugging around a hand sprayer are over. With Tuff-bilt's 25 gal. sprayer the operator can hand boom for precision application.Or use the boom kit and broad cast spray.

Clean Seeder AP planter w/4' toolbar

​  $1,284

This planter will allow you to plant anything from your smallest seed up to some of your bigger seeds by changing out the metering wheel. Attach 1-4 planters onto the toolbar at once. Each planter comes with 1 metering wheel.

**AdditionalPlanter  $825.00

**AdditionalMetering wheel$20.00

**Upgrade6 foot toolbar $56.00