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Why buy a Tuff-bilt Tractor?


Tuff-bilt Tractor, The Perfect Answer For Whatever Field You Are In

With a range of 24 easy converting implements and accessories, Tuff-bilt can tackle almost any job. With our unique, patented hydraulic drive system, we can deliver 1,000 draw bar load pounds utilizing only a 19hp Kohler engine. Tuff-bilt comes standard equipped with two 3-point hitches (front and rear), hydraulically operated, with a lift capacity of over 700 pounds each.

Current models:  EFI and Carbureted

Electric Tuff-bilt

For our clients operating out of greenhouses or high tunnels check out our green electric tractor. This upgrade to tuff-bilt will allow for no emissions within your contained space. We have built prototypes tested and custom designed a few models already but aren't expecting to offer this option for sale till 2017. Follow us on Facebook and here for updates.

Now Accepting Credit Cards

Tuff-bilt is 100% made in the U.S.A. and very user friendly. It's 2-3point hitches allow for less trips over the field making this tractor more efficient. Burning only a gallon of fuel an hour and being quality built this tractor stays away from the pump and out of the shop. It's simple to repair Construction requires no specialty tools. With Tuff-bilt's long life expectancy this tractor will be well worth the investment.

Tuff-bilt Tractors

A New Generation of Farming

Our new prototype (Track Tractor) just came off the line.
Keep checking back to see what our plans are for this Track Tractor.
Look for the Track option early 2017.

Updates on the Diesel Tuff-bilt

We have chosen our engine for the Diesel Tractor.  The Diesel Engine manufacturer has approved our plans for the diesel and we are now building the prototype of the Diesel. We will post updates in a few weeks.

Customer Financing Now Available!

End of the year special until December 31, pay only $49.00 a month for the first 6 months, with approved credit.

Coming December 2016:  Diesel